Rube Waddell is a three-piece ensemble performing their own breed of modern Americana music: mixing Blues, Gospel, American and Irish Folk, Country, Rock, Punk, comic Vaudeville and German theater, South-East Asian ditties, a little funk and a lot of raw power into their sets. Reviewers have compared Rube Waddell at times to Captain Beefheart, the Fugs, Ween, Doo-Rag, Tom Waits, Jon Spencer and other lo-fi giants.

We are strong, healthy young men with a realistic bent and an entirely American fascination with all things eschatological.

The trio got its start performing in the streets of San Francisco and became known for their monthly performances, "Live at Leeds," in front of a well known shoe store in the Mission district, and from there their popularity took them into bars and clubs around the city, America and Europe.

When people talk about us, they do so in hushed tones.

The instrumentation of the band varies widely including slide guitar, mandolin, trumpet, sousaphone, tabla, ukulele, marimba, pots and pans, kazoo, harmonica, electric guitar, toy keyboard, accordion, banjo, tin whistle, and various home-made instruments from one-string guitars to junkyard percussion ensembles. The Rubes are therefore comfortable playing in a variety of environments from acoustic settings to large halls.

We are not only the best lovers on the West Coast, but we are also cleaner than most people you know.

All in all they provide a satisfying and skewed perspective on entertainment in the American musical tradition with a post-modern irreverence and sense of humor.

When we walk through the forests, the birds around us become incontinent with fear.

December 2001:
"bemusing, captivating noise"

Rube Waddell inhabit a mental & musical space several klicks outside of any mainstream you can imagine--commercial, college, whatever...

[from RockBites].

December 2001:
"The essentials of pure Americana"

No, not the infamous baseball pitcher notorious for a habit for booze, women and chasing fire engines. but a trio of similarly inclined San Francisco freaks. Rube Waddell performs with conviction and spite, as if they've been ejected from every vaudeville stage, juke joint. honky tonk, traveling carnival and Renaissance festival in the West. Released upon the streets to execute the songs of the twisted, Rube Waddell plays mongrel-bred swamp music using a bewildering array of traditional-junkyard-hand-whittled-cat gut- burping-outhouse-rusted instruments-the essentials of pure Americana.

[Chris Krolczyk, Harp Magazine, Winter 2001/02]

More Reviews:

"Rube Waddell tastes like dumpster dived cornbread washed down with Thunderbird."

"They've taken the classic rock style of Kiss and the New York Dolls and twisted it until they arrive in the mystical land of hobo chic."

"Picture blues bad boy Jon Spencer and rockabilly revivalists the Bad Livers barreling into a head-on collision."

"The Satanic undertones are not from any kind of death-metal frenzy, but from the sheer fact that when you see Rube Waddell live, especially on the street, you have so much fun that it can't possibly be holy."

"If there really is such a thing as swamp boogie, an affliction half between music and parasitic infestation, Rube Wadell be the vector."
[Ink Nineteen]

These are mp3s:

Bound For The Gates of Hell:
 Millenarian Blues
 I Wish I Had Answered

Stink Bait:
 Mawson's Will
 San Pablo Rap
 Whistling Dead

Hobo Train:
 Rube Yelp
 Six Feet Down
 Vienna Waltz
Go To Satan

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